Kara has been really super to work with. She’s open, compassionate and relentlessly inquisitive and pushes me hard to find the answers I need deep inside me.

She’s allowed me to peel away my layers and look closely at what I really want, and help me uncover and remove the blockages in my way.

She’s extremely professional and through and doesn’t stop until we are both satisfied and clear on the way forward.

I feel like she truly cares, but she’s tough on me and holds me to my word, which is exactly what I need in a Coach and to get the results I need in my life.

I would recommend working with Kara for anyone that wants to find their true north and path a very clear and robust way to get there – even if you have no idea what way is north or south (have any clue on your purpose or goals) she will pull it out of you and hold your hand along the way.

Andrea Peebles – Professional Athlete, Nutrition & Health Coach

I had been dealing with anxiety on and off for about 10 years. Any time I tried therapy, I walked out feeling disappointed—like either the therapist just didn’t “get it” or I was wasting my money.

Worse was when I tried really hard to make it work and felt like they opened a wound but didn’t close it, so I was left feeling worse than before. My experience with Kara was completely different. The real work comes in as Kara helped me to dissect my belief patterns—especially the limiting ones—and rework the way I think about things.

This made the biggest impact on my anxiety.

Her background is far more unique than a traditional therapist, and I connected with her instantly.

In about 2-3 months, she has truly changed my life, so I encourage anyone going through a difficult time in your life or battling a mental illness to PLEASE reach out to her.

Try her free discovery call. It is absolutely transformative.

Sania Khilji – Author, Social Media Expert & Contributor to Inc

I have been using Kara’s services for the past two months, it has helped me incredibly, especially with my confidence, people skills, making friends etc.

Frankly speaking I was more of a pessimist, always had a negative aura, which in fact I wasn’t aware of. After discussing my concerns with Kara, that’s when I was able to identify the under laying issues and received tools to change it around.

I was also showing symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which was quite concerning at the time. But now I feel way better, firstly because someone was able to point out my issues in a professional manner, also at the same time provided remedies which are achievable.

In the past I had my family and friends say “Do not do it or you are negative minded etc. But they don’t realize that people don’t choose to be that way, they become like that due to some kind of trigger/block (maybe in their childhood, bad relations etc) which in my case Kara was able to point out.

I feel much more grateful for everything in life now, in fact these sessions have also made a great difference in my relationship with my wife as well. As I understand myself and her better and improved communication

We are still working on some other issues and I believe they are attainable. I strongly recommend Kara to anyone looking to make a change in their life. It has changed my life and given me a better, much positive outlook towards life. I feel light hearted.
Once again thanks for your help Kara, God bless

Raju George – IT Consultant, ANZCA

I guess I’ve always been sceptical about life coaches. That was until I met Kara. From the first session, I immediately felt at ease with her. Right from the word go, it was clear that she has so much passion and love for her clients and her craft.

She really understands people. We all like to think we already know everything about ourselves. But it isn’t until you meet Kara that you discover a whole lot more.

I have learned a great deal about myself working with Kara. We’ve uncovered and eliminated limiting beliefs, discovered my key values and examined the driving forces behind my actions.

Kara holds me accountable, supports and empowers me as I work towards my big goals. She is incredibly inspiring. Investing in yourself with Kara will be the best thing you could do for your journey

I would highly recommend you contact her for your free discovery call. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Gaia Sri – Policy Advocate

She is an awesome listener!(coach) she does a great job making me feel comfortable talking about my issues without feeling judged.

She seems to be pretty sincere in helping me out.
She has helped me change my perspective on things also reminds me to stay positive because things will always work out.

Zohair Ahmed – SEO and Marketing Expert.

Recently had the opportunity to have Kara lead a mindfulness and meditation workshop.
It was very interactive and engaging and the best part was everyone including myself came out with a few tips or exercises that can easily applied in day to day life to fulfil one’s spiritual needs and be more in control of oneself!

Thanks Kara for the super value adding session. Looking forward to many more.

Jyotika Bhalla – Auditor CA, PWC

Recently, had an opportunity to be a part of Meditation workshop organised by Kara, it was undoubtedly a very energising session!

Learnt lots of practical / daily use tips and exercises to de-stress.

A must attend session for any one wishing to discover more about how to inculcate spirituality in your daily life and gain more insights to bring positivity.

Prastish Bajwa – Tax Accountant & Partner, CPA

An absolutely amazing session.
Kara you were so helpful in every way. .

I really enjoyed the exercises you taught us to de stress and release tied up energy.
Totally loved the experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some great skills to deal with situations life throws at us

Priyanka Bedi – Entrepreneur

KARA-It’s not basic yoga or regular meditation.

KARA is so therapeutic it makes you feel yourself.

GO Interact with KARA, share n feel unburdened

KARA takes you to Rejuvenate your SOUL to know How important you are to yourself!

Ramneet Arora – Fashion & Jewellery Designer

Kara helped bring out the clarity and insight into what mindfulness and meditation is!
Have heard it from so many but could not comprehend until I attended the practical, interactive and enriching session, led by Kara.

Want to live in the present, want to be free of your negative thoughts, want to be happy? – Consult Kara!

Harmeet Bhatia – IT Consultant, Westpac Bank

Today I want to share about my fabulous coach Kara, I am very grateful to Kara.

Kara is in Melbourne and our sessions are online. No matter the distance, she connects with me and guides me in this process. Thank you very much Kara ?

With her helping me, I am going through a process of transformation, rediscovering how to love me as I am and its giving me the opportunity to grow at all levels.

I must confess that for a long time I believed that I was capable of achieving all my goals by myself, that I did not need any help from any person. Until I faced that fear of asking for help, of showing myself vulnerable. Now I know that asking for help or showing myself vulnerable is not bad, on the contrary, it opens up the possibilities of sincere love with myself and with those around me.

I know that to achieve that dream or any other goal, I have to draw a plan and work hard to achieve it. Sometimes I feel lost on the road. That’s why I recognise that having the support of a coach is wonderful to achieve these goals.

I am very grateful for our coaching sessions because it helped me clarify my goals for this year 2019. It helped me to establish real, measurable and achievable goals. Thank you very much Kara for helping me in this process. I really recommend her a lot.

I just want to finish this by giving infinite thanks for putting the right people into my life.

Paola Barcenas – Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

Thank you so much Kara I feel so much better than I was. You’re really good at what you do, you found the root of my issue and the burden that all these years I was worried about.

How you taught me to trust and love myself, and forgive, I guess that’s the thing nobody has taught me before, nobody told me to forgive and that’s the only thing that was holding me back all these years. Also affirmations, I’m gonna try that!

Thank you so much Kara, you are amazing and you really deeply care!!

I didn’t know what to do with my life. Now I am graduated and doing things I like, free from the cage of my past too. I guess at that time I was still holding grudges from the past, and I needed to get over some stuff.

You simply helped me to forgive some people in the past and helped me move on with my life, and I did. You made me realize that a simple thing like that gives a huge impact and I needed that.

I feel so much better now living my life carrying no hate for anyone. Thank you Kara!
Kea – Teacher, PHD

Coach Kara Sandhu, certified transformational coach who has helped clients worldwide overcome trauma, anxiety and depression.

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