Meet Kara

Meet Kara

Transformation & Life Coach, Speaker, Mindfulness Trainer, Energy-Healer and Mindset Expert

Hi! Thanks for stopping by here, let’s begin by getting to know me a little bit more…

My name is Kara and I’m your transformation and life coach, speaker, mindfulness trainer, healer and mindset expert.
Actually my life hasn’t always been great; I came from a dysfunctional family, experienced abuse, trauma and had a very challenging childhood (well, my teens & 20ies weren’t too different either)

I was bullied in school because I wasn’t good at sports and couldn’t even top the class to save my life. My family punished me, I was humiliated because I wasn’t perfect. There was always a reason, situation or moment that careless words fell from the lips of people around me and dropped with conviction into my soul.

I suffered from difficult and low vibrational experiences, which led me to seek approval and validation from everyone around me. I was told I wasn’t good for anything, every single day for as long as I can remember.

I did not believe in myself one bit! Always settled for less, got into wrong relationships, stayed stuck in a career I did not want.

To sum it all up – I felt lost, unhappy and humiliated almost all my life!

I have always been a fighter, but by then I had built a strong armour around me, so no one could get through those walls. I was even bestowed with a title of “Strong Girl” but secretly I wondered, if there was a reason for my experiences.

Somewhere deep inside I knew I am here for a greater purpose.

For career – I trained to be a Chartered Accountant, worked in corporates for many many years.

Was this my passion? No!

This was part of me proving myself, seeking recognition and validation from the society and people around. Sure I got all of this, but it made me more anxious, empty and depressed!

The Epiphany

One day I had enough! I made up my mind to find my soul which was empty and lost – I didn’t want to settle for less anymore.

I got my breakthrough when I embarked upon a soul-searching quest in the pursuit of my truth, passion and purpose. The journey involved several years of working on myself through healings, personal development, meditation and spiritual retreats. During this time, I learnt energy healing and mindset coaching. I wanted to develop further in this field to be able to help others. I went through formal training and acquired coaching and healing accreditations and certifications.

I went through a complete transformation – realigned myself and found the answers I had been seeking. I found joy, meaning and fulfilment I had been seeking… and much more.

I realised my purpose was born out of my life lessons!

My life had changed, my soul was on fire. I realised my strengths, my potential, I discovered what lights the fire in me. I felt WHOLE.

Most importantly, I realised my purpose here is to GROW and transform. Help others empower to transform their own lives and bring about a change in collective consciousness.

My certifications include

  • Results/Mindset Life Coaching (ICF Approved)
  • Foundations of Coaching (ICF Approved)
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Timeline therapist
  • Energy medicine
  • Mindfulness Practitioner

Coaching, Consultancy and Care

My mission is helping others achieve the transformation I experienced, so they could love life, become the best version of themselves and live to their full potential.

My background in transformation coaching helps willing souls discover their path, evolve their being and accomplish their goals.

I have mad respect for education, which is why I do everything I can to bring about a revolutionary change where life skills can be taught fundamentally in schools.

When I am not busy saving you from spending time going through long and difficult journeys to heal your soul like I did, I explore and invest in personal development and spirituality.

I absolutely love to go out in nature, travel, meet people, and try different cuisines. I eat as much food as my belly can hold ?

Coach Kara Sandhu, certified transformational coach who has helped clients worldwide overcome trauma, anxiety and depression.

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