Kara Sandhu, certified transformational coach who has helped clients worldwide overcome trauma, anxiety and depression

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Today I want to share about my fabulous coach Kara, I am very grateful to Kara.
Kara is in Melbourne and our sessions are online. No matter the distance, she connects with me and guides me in this process. Thank you very much Kara ?
With her helping me, I am in a process of transformation, rediscovering how to love me as I am and its giving me the opportunity to grow at all levels…….

Paola Barcenas – Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

Our core features

Discover who you truly are, your passion and purpose

Shift limiting beliefs and patterns, which aren’t serving you

Clarify your goals and dreams, and dig deep to find what you authentically desire

Overcome past trauma, anxiety and mental health challenges

Find out what is really holding your heel- root cause of your issues and overcome these blocks

Most importantly move from fear based living to love and freedom. Gain confidence to accomplish everything you desire.

What they say about us


I been using Kara’s services for the past two months, it has helped me incredibly, especially with my confidence, people skills, making friends etc.
Frankly speaking I was more of a pessimistic, always had a negative aura, which in fact I wasn’t aware of. After discussing my concerns with Kara, that’s when I was able to identify the under laying issues and received tools to change it around…..

Raju George

Thank you so much Kara I feel so much better than I was. You’re really good at what you do, you found the root of my issue and the burden that all these years I was worried about.

How you teach me to trust and love myself, and forgive, I guess that’s the thing nobody has taught me before, nobody told me to forgive and that’s the only thing that been holding me back all these years. Also affirmations, I’m gonna try that!…..

Kea – Teacher, PHD

As it turns out through the coaching of many clients, that you often need to peel through many layers before your true purpose, root cause of issues and desires come to surface. More often than not it turns out,the root cause is not what you were originally aware of.

Evolve- Your Being

Once we have identified what is it that you really want to achieve, what is getting in the way and why? This is where we start the big work, and this is where the SHIFT HAPPENS.

  • I work with you to align yourself – the head, heart and hand.
  • We work on identifying your highest values and align them.
  • We identify your biggest needs inherently and clear any conflicts.
  • Discover how can you be unapologetically YOU, we unmask the conditioning you had since childhood.
  • We shift limiting belief patterns and clear past trauma, pain or any specific incidents. Which have been holding you back in achieving your true potential, your dreams and where you want to be in life.
  • This is deep deep work! It helps in overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps to raise confidence, self-worth and self-respect exponentially.
  • It brings transformation, lasting results and sense of fulfilment on a much deeper level. Evolvement at this level will change behaviour patterns, beliefs, environmental shift, social change, mindset and even identity in some cases.

Accomplish- Your Dreams

Once you are aligned, you can achieve anything you set YOUR mind to!

This is action stage – where I help you start taking action towards achieving those dreams and goals. This is where you start to make changes and begin seeing different results. You change your habits; routines and you start becoming consistent at them. You start to fire and wire different neurons in your brain to create lasting changes at subconscious level. This will take you to where you want to be in life and accomplish everything you authentically desire.

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Coach Kara Sandhu, certified transformational coach who has helped clients worldwide overcome trauma, anxiety and depression.

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